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Advisory Services
Infrastructure, Tunnels & Underground Facilities

We provide advice and support to industry actors based on knowledge and years of relevant experience from key positions in the industry


We address challenges in the industry and through our international work promoting use of new knowledge, best practices, methods and tools in an effective way.  ​ Experience from key positions in the infrastructure industry, including years of experience from the administrative authority in Norway, but also from positions within contractor and consultancy services. Participation and leadership in forums, steering boards and other professional networks, on both national and international level. International experience as chair and speaker in workshops, seminars and conferences.

Illustration:  A view in to the 3D model "Norwegian tunnels, from engineering to operation". Norwegian building methods & technologies illustrated in a 400 meter 3D modell


We provide expert advice and offer consultancy services in the fields of infrastructure, tunnel and underground constructions.


We can offer a broader understanding of decision maker's needs and an insight in how to use knowledge, experience, best practices, methods and systems in an effective way.


We understand operational needs and requirements for construction and installations, including complex safety and operational issues.


We have knowledge about the latest developments in new technologies, including 3D modeling, BIM+ and digitalization in planning & construction, robotics and AI, digitalization and digital twins in operation, but also the newest developments regarding factors that affect sustainability in projects.


We contribute to connect industry actors both in Norway and internationally, and bridge learning and understanding. 

Process management


By providing best practices, knowledge and relevant experience from the industry.

Risk & Safety A
ssessments | Operational Assessments | RAMS Assessments | Research Development & Innovation | Implementing Business & Product Strategies | 3D models,  Visualization & digitalization | and more ..

Project management


By providing the organization with experience and appropriate tools, processes and project management systems to ensure that operational priorities and priorities for change are balanced, that governance and decision-making are facilitated and the organization has the resources and capacity to effectively implement its programs.

Expert advice & support


Advise and support industry actors with knowledge and experience from key positions in the industry. Assisting clients in complex operational and safety matters, and working with suppliers in development of services and products, in addition to assist companies into new market opportunities (nationally and internationally). 

Connecting Industry Actors


Many years experience in facilitating and coordinating practical activities to exchange knowledge and promote services, products, systems and equipment to clients and actors in Norway and in international markets.

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