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We provide advice and support to industry actors based on knowledge and years of relevant experience from key positions in the industry.


We address challenges in the industry and through our international work promoting use of new knowledge, best practices, methods and tools in an effective way. 

Our Home Base
Norway, The Land Of Long Tunnels

We are located in Bergen on the west coast of Norway in the heart of the fjords and all the large infrastructure projects along the Norwegian coast. As a UNESCO World Heritage City and a European City of Culture, the Bergen region has the ideal combination of nature, culture and exciting urban life all year around. ​ Certified Partner and Network Director for Norwegian Tunnelling Network (NTN). NTN is a cluster of leading companies and institutions in the Norwegian tunnelling sector that have joined forces to offer products, services, equipment, knowledge and experience to the international tunnelling and mining market. NTN representing key industry stakeholders and organizations, like public and private clients, universities, science & research institutions, engineering & design, consultants, contractors and product & service suppliers. In a cooperation with the Norwegian Government, we give our members competitive advantage with the support and in close cooperation with Team Norway*. *Team Norway = Innovation Norway, Export Finance Norway, Research Counsil, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassies and the Royal Court.

Our Story

CEO Sovik Consulting

Experience from key positions in the industry, including years of experience within tunnel management at national level (national tunnel manager in Norway), as well as preserving the formal role in directive and national regulations as the administrative authority. ​ We bring knowledge and experience from both the client/owner perspective and the contractors point of view. Administrative authority for 1140+ tunnels in operation and 150+ new tunnel projects (planning) and 50+ under construction at any given time, and advice, support and approval for rehabiltation and upgrades (more than 200 tunnels) as national tunnel manager in Norway (7 years). As administrative authority, handling more than 8 severe tunnel fires in Norway, including developing/implementing new strategies and new guidelines for planning, building and operating tunnels. Are working active in national and international networks, participating in steering boards and have acted as national representative in national and international networks and initiatives (Nordic Road Association, PIARC, International Tunnel Association (ITA COSUF), EU committee and EU Projects).  ​ Years of experience in advising in development of new technologies and the use of more sustainable materials.

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