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We understand the challenges in the industry and have the ability to use new knowledge, best practices, methods and tools in an effective way.

Our services are based on knowledge and years of relevant experience from key positions in the industry.



Our Core Values

Our core values give us a framework for leadership and daily decisions, and help us enjoy our time at work.


Our Vision For the Future

It is important to work continuously with questions of how to plan, build, operate, maintain and manage in the future.

Part of the answer to improvements is in the digital revolution, with its tools, methods and mindset (Building Information Modelling (BIM), Digital Twin, Virtual Reality Technology, 3D Simulations and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)).

BIM focuses on a building's design and construction. A Digital Twin models how people interact with built environments and can simulate a real time situation in a digital modell, for real time analysis and improvements. 

RAMS is the leading concept to assess what we can expect in the operation phase for any given system, and will be an important prereguisite in planning and building infrastructure in the future.

Illustration: Søvik Consulting DIGITAL VR LAB
BIM is a geometric 3D model with information and is primarily about interaction and information and the term includes as well tools as working methods and mindset.
Technical installations and applications that process information to give support and/or control technical installations to provide a smarter infrastructure for transport. 


Why Choose Us

Experience from key positions and professions in the infrastructure industry, and activities in national and international networks, participation in steeringboards and national representaive in national and international initiatives.

Years of experience within tunnel management at national level (National Tunnel Manager), as well as preserving the formal role in directive and national regulations as the Administrative Authority.

  • Responsible for relevant topics and associated tasks in the field of road tunnel management and development, as well as the role as process manager.
  • Case officer for tunnel management related questions from external stakeholders including the public, the press, other agencies, road and transport ministry and parliament (Stortinget).
  • Provided clarifications and advice for tunnel manager related issues in the road authority, to tunnel managers, to project managers, and followed up the responsibility for case handling and resolutions.
  • Responsible for follow-up and develop internal and external strategies for tunnel management in general, and tunnel safety particulary. 
  • Responsible for follow-up and develop internal and external regulations.
  • Have given extensive guidance, advice and support to national and international suppliers, producers, contractors and consultants, and also handled requests from other nations authorities in tunnel related questions.

Experience as R & D manager (tunnel construction and installations) in a major national construction company. 

Provided advice and support in formal requests from national and international businesses, but also other nations' requests in tunnel related questions.

Provided advice and clarifications for formal requests from a wide number of national and international suppliers, manufacturers, contractors and consultants in market related questions,  technology and strategies.

Experience with development of contractor and consultant companies within the business areas of special professions and tunnel.

Manager for establish quality system, internal control system and health, environmental and safety system for nation-widel contractor within the business areas of special production and tunnel, at company level.

Has been responsible for strategic development and management of resources (human resources and machines) for a nation-wide contractor (between > 60 projects).

Has assisted nation-wide contractor in dealing with conflict cases between the client, contractor and supplier in tunnel investment projects.

Experience in advicing construction projects (infrastruture and tunnel projects), including handling disputes between client and contractor and improving workflow and processes (all phases of construction). 

Experience with strategic development and management of resources in construction businesses. Handling human recourses (construction managers, supervisors, workers and apprentices) and construction machines in simultaneous projects. management of expertise and knowledge to the workers and staff.  Experience with development of production systems and software/apps, including mobile solutions for data acquisition, monitoring and management.

Given advise, support and contributed to a good project completion and good monitoring and control of documentation during construction and installation in complex underground projects.
Years of experience as national tunnel manger for the administrative authority (according to directive and national guidelines), in all phases, including early studies, planning, construction and operation (1140+ tunnels, 50+ tunnels under construction and 150+ tunnels under planning).

  • Following up the case handling and resolutions for safety and commissioning according to EU directive and national guidelines of remediation plans for tunnels with deviation from the directive/national guidelines (200+ tunnels).
  • Handling 5 to 10 major incidents as the Administrative Authority in Norway, including the big tunnel fires in 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2017 in the Oslofjordtunnel (2 tunnel fires), The Gudvangatunnel (2 tunnel fires) and The Skatestraumtunnel (major dangerous gods incident).
  • Manager for national strategy actions for tunnel safety after several major incidents in Norway. Strategy for upgrades in excisting tunnels and implementing new regulations and guidelines.
Provide advice, support and process management to infrastructure owners, consultants and other stakeholders in the industry within safety management.

 Traffic safety auditions and inspections - certified according to Norwegian Road Authority qualification standards.

 Quality reviews (tunnel safety reviews) - Certified training according to NS-EN ISO 19011 standard.
Experience from development and implementation of quality system and system for health, environment and safety for infrastructure businesses. Including internal and external audits in organisations. 

Quality reviews - Certified training according to NS-EN ISO 19011 standard

Several years of experience with management and development of the electrical facilites and communication for a challenging national road network (and tunnels). 

Process manager for relevant processes in the field of electrical facilities and communication.

Contributing to development of national guidelines for electrical facilities and communication on a national level.

Several years of experience in developing the Traffic Control Centres (TCC), including systems for controlling and monitoring (SCADA systems).

Project management and giving support to the regions/projects in construction/installation activities to establish Tetra (emergency communication) and Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB/ notification) in tunnels on national level (> 330+ tunnels (> 500 mill. NOK)). 

Experience as case officer for all contact with external stakeholders including the public, the press, other agencies, road and transport ministry and parliament (Stortinget).

Management, operation and maintenance systmes (MOM), (Information Technology (ICT), Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and Operational Technology (OT) are important tools in the infrastructure industry, and integrated systems in a well driven infrastucture. 

We have experience from project management in development of management, operation and maintenance tools, and applications for data collection in the field (innovative mobile solitions).

Several years experience as system owner of the management, operation and maintenance system at the road authorities, following up all tunnels (1140+), in addition to other infrastructure objects as ferrie ports, bridges, etc.

Several years experience with management and development of Traffic Control Centres, SCADA systems and OT.

Contributed to assess, develop and implement effective production and management tools in the industry. 

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